Gannett Watch

A dutiful reader showed us a quip in last week’s Velocity, Gannett’s lifestyle weekly, about how they’d won five first-place awards at Louisville’s Society of Professional Journalists awards ceremony recently — “leaving that other weekly in our dust.” 

The drinks hurt coming back through our noses. Then we got to thinking: How could this be? Did Velocity really leave LEO Weekly in its “dust”? Does the sun actually rotate around the earth? 

Here’s the truth: LEO took 19 awards overall, sweeping three categories. We won four first-place awards to Velocity’s five. In total, Velocity won seven awards — a full 12 less than LEO. Add to that The Courier-Journal’s take of five and Gannett properties scored 12 SPJ awards. 

What was that Disraeli quote about lies, damned lies and statistics?