Comedy Preview – Indicators celebrate a milestone – 100 shows and counting

The Indicators improvisational team made slipping a subtle homage to the passing of George Carlin easy. Indicators co-founder James Cronin opened their July show at the Comedy Caravan with a performance of Carlin’s “Ten Commandments” routine. It was a nod of respect to the comic genius, and a demonstration of the maturity for which this improv team strives. Not that they take themselves too seriously; they do take the art of comedy seriously, judging by the amount of work they will produce over the next three months. Their twice-monthly 90-minute show is a mix of video skits, standup and improvisation that is both easy on the pocketbook (shows are around five bucks) and funny enough to heal what hurts you. Plus, they look sexy on stage.

Made up of 10 members and regular guests, this Louisville-based troupe is nearing a milestone. Since their inception three years ago, they’ve performed 99 shows around town and in three other states. Their 100th show will be Saturday at Bearno’s By the Bridge, a venue that told them yes back when many said no. 

Born at U of L’s Thrust Theatre while original members were students, Cronin and troupe braved the odds and asked around town for a place to perform. “We’re doing this 100th show at Bearno’s because we owe them so much,” Cronin said. With a regular gig every first Wednesday at Comedy Caravan, which also gave them an early break, there isn’t a month (or sometimes a week) you can’t find them in action. 

The Indicators: improvisational group will have their Indicators 100th Show this Saturday, July 12, at Bearno’s By the Bridge

The Indicators: improvisational group will have their Indicators 100th Show this Saturday, July 12, at Bearno’s By the Bridge

They are also the only group south of the Mason-Dixon that was invited to perform at the August Milwaukee Sketch and Improv Festival. In fact, they are the only group out of 22 not based in Milwaukee, Portland, Ore., or Chicago to get an invite. “It’s a great opportunity for us to get more exposure and broaden the fan base,” Cronin said. Local fans helped this group get from a small theater with no thought of a 100th show to a place where they are poised to breakout. The 100th show at Bearno’s is dedicated to those fans and those who have yet to experience the Indicators live. Fans chose by poll the skits and improv routines to be performed Saturday, a highlight show of sorts that will likely include a short version of their original improv routine “Channel Surfing” (performed every third Sunday at Bearno’s), plus surprises and giveaways. 

Since this isn’t enough for a hard-working team to accomplish within a couple months, they will premiere their second all-skit show, “ASAP: Coming Soon!,” at the Alley Theatre inside City Block over two weekends in September. 

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Indicators 100th Show

Saturday, July 12

Bearno’s By the Bridge

131 W. Main St. 


$5; 9 p.m.