The Bar Belle

Redneck Bourbon Tour

So last week, the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau came up with the Urban Bourbon Trail — a pub crawl of sorts that encourages thirsty bourbon seekers to journey to eight posh establishments around Louisville, most located downtown. The list includes places like Maker’s Mark Bourbon House, Proof on Main and The Brown Hotel Bar. (You can pick up an official “passport” at Bourbon Barrel Foods inside the Butchertown Market, 1201 Story Ave. See

It’s a fun idea and all, but damn, those places are kinda expensive. I like going to bars where a glass of bourbon is cheaper than a gallon of gas. So I’ll make my own redneck version of the Bourbon Trail — shall we start at the Back Door? Then over to Barret Bar? Next let’s go to Old Hickory. Might as well swing by The Pour Haus while we’re in Germantown. Then let’s go out to the Golden Nugget in Hikes Point and hit Creekers, too, while we’re out there. Wanna then journey to D.T.’s on Dixie, and then we can swing by Southern Indiana to Rick’s Double T’s and say hi to Donna D.? OK, there you have it. So who’s driving?

Fest of Ale

Beer snobs have an excuse to gather around their favorite pint this weekend and grumble about politics, world corruption and how much they hate mass-produced, piss-yellow swill (yes, I’m talking about you, Mr. Mug Shots!). They not only have an excuse but a place to flock — Keg Liquors’ 3rd Annual Fest of Ale (Saturday, June 7, 3-7 p.m., $25 advance, $30 door). Fourteen microbrews will be available for (multiple) samplings, and there’ll be music, food and even a silent auction, although after a round or two, we doubt much will be silent. Keg Liquors is at 617 E. Lewis & Clark Pkwy. in Clarksville, so bribe a DD to tag along. Call (812) 283-3988 for details.

Sara is off to Vegas this week where she hopes to win a fortune … or just score a few free drinks in the process. Wish her luck at [email protected] or