Carmichael’s top 5 staffpicks

1) “Little Things: A Memoir in Slices” by Jeffrey Brown (graphic novel) — Jeff Brown creates the most vulnerable, honest comics around. His deceptively simple drawings and natural dialogue spring to life off the page and are sure to have you feeling his joy and pain. —Kate Hanratty

2) “Bigfoot: I Not Dead” by Graham Roumieu (novel) — Bigfoot contemplates life’s questions: “Should have never left woods, life go all wrong.” “First media darling, now monster.” “Me misunderstood, violence all Bigfoot know.” “Read me other two books.” —Miranda Boggs

3) “The Boat” by Nam Le (novel) — This astonishingly assured debut takes on a Vietnamese refugee boat, a 14-year-old Colombian hit man, an aging painter in New York and much more. Seven intensely gripping stories written with daring honesty and a master’s skill. —Jonathan Hawpe

4) “Last Chinese Chef” by Nicole Mones (novel) — A well-written, fast-paced, romantic story chock full of delicious details of Chinese food, cooking and culture. —Carol Besse

5) “Bangkok Haunts” John Burdett (novel, new in paperback) — The third in Burdett’s series featuring Thai policeman Sonchai Jitpleecheep — devout Buddhist and first-rate cop. Dark, funny and fast-paced. —Michael Boggs