What a Week: The City’s Weekly Zeitgeist Radar


Clinton’s huge Kentucky win
set off a healthy discussion about race in the commonwealth.
Twenty-one percent
of voters polled said race was an important factor in their vote, and
80 percent of them voted for Clinton.
While journalists danced cautiously around the issue of race, Eastern
Kentucky voters came right out and said on camera they would never
vote for an N-word. Obama’s elitist black half was appalled but not
one bit surprised, while his elitist white half was shocked and
embarrassed that racism exists in Kentucky.


other primary election results, ersatz Democrat Bruce
Lunsford defeated Greg Fisher and will face Mitch McConnell
in the battle of the creepy patronizing American Satanic
power-mongers in November. Voters also kicked library-hater Chris
Thieneman to the curb and chose Anne
Northup to face John Yarmuth in a reprise of their 2006 smackdown
of the rich and scratchy-voiced.


the city blathered on about racism, friends
and family celebrated the life of civil rights champion Alice Wade,
who worked with the Braden Center and the Kentucky Alliance Against
Racist and Political Repression. Wade, who fought
against industrial pollution and social injustice, and took the truth
to Valhalla Golf Club

in the ’90s, died after a battle with pancreatic cancer.


and snake-oil salesmen might’ve killed Louisville’s library
expansion plans, but it won’t stop a new “cyber-library” from
coming to Newburg. Mayor Abramson announced the new
library would be built adjacent to the Newburg Community Center
at Indian Trail and Exeter Avenue. The library will cost $1 million,
and even the anti-tax weenies agree it’s a good plan.