Back Lot: Louisville’s ‘My True Self’ premiere

    “My True Self” is the first film by Louisville native Rohit Nahata, a Ballard High alumnus and California State film graduate. Filmed in and around Louisville (including the LEO office), his movie is both local and universal. The plot is anchored by the classic unanswerable questions: “What’s a good life?” and “Who am I?”

    The movie follows a Louisville medical student (played by Jerod Edington) who learns he has cancer and only has a few months to live. Instead of spending his remaining time being bitter (as I no doubt would), he decides to do his best to leave the world a happier place than when he entered. Mostly, that means explaining to his friends and family that life is short and they have to follow their passions.

    If it sounds like weighty stuff, that’s the point. Nahata cites “Million Dollar Baby” and “Good Will Hunting” as influences. He explained his filmmaking philosophy this way: “I really like emotional movies that take you places inside and inspire greatness. That’s what movies are all about for me.”

    “My True Self” will play at the Village 8 on April 25 at 7 and 9 p.m. Go to or for more information. —Alan Abbott