B-Sides (Music & Other Ephemera): Some Velvet Addiction

Velvet Saints

Velvet Saints

The Velvet Saints’ first show last month at the Beechwood Jam Fest at Louisville Gardens might have been an opening salvo, but its members aren’t exactly greenhorns.

The Saints — Jeff Epperson (Big Head), Ryan Murphy (Peter Searcy Band, Brian Fox), Kevin McCreery (Tantric, Outspoken, Ugly), Kevin Manning (Room For Emotion) and Jill Edds (Atomic) — have been in various local bands for years, and now the five-piece is seeing its new sound, steeped in the world of electronica, earn them a host of fans.

Epperson, an engineer/producer who owns Headfirst Media, formed Velvet Saints with Manning several years ago. The two roped in Edds in search of male-female vocal dynamic reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and Human League.

“We wanted it be very showy, with two lead singers up front,” said Epperson. “We’re keeping it very theatrical.”

Though he can’t remember exactly where the band’s name came from — “there were many sit-around drinking sessions trying to come up with the name,” — he says they’re fans of the movie “Blue Velvet.”
The group’s debut album, My Addiction, which was recorded at Headfirst, is being sold at ear X-tacy, iTunes, MySpace and CD Baby.

Their MySpace page has had more than a million plays, and the group has booked another date, Wednesday, April 23, at Phoenix Hill Tavern (644 Baxter Ave., 589-4957, www.phoenixhill.com). The 10 p.m. show has an unlimited guest list, so all you have to do is send a message to the band at myspace.com/velvetsaints.

Mat Herron is LEO’s Music Editor. He has never worn velvet. Contact him at [email protected]