News Xtra: Hits from the blog

Online sexual predators nabbed in KY
Perverted Justice is the name of a vigilante group that helps state authorities conduct stings to entice child sexual predators, who it then hand-delivers to the NBC television show “To Catch a Predator” for some Must-See TV.

Last week in LEO’s print edition, Stephen George wrote about Perverted Justice’s efforts in Kentucky, which yielded 27 arrests but also cost the state certain federal funds. Since that story was published, one Kentucky man, apprehended with assistance from PJ, has been convicted, and two others have been arrested for possessing child pornography. Both were the result of investigations conducted by state police in conjunction with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

Judge voids dog ordinance
Having trouble understanding what’s going on with the city’s dangerous dog ordinance? You’re not alone. Check out the post “Well, woof, woof, here we go again” for a nuanced look at last week’s news that a judge ruled the ordinance invalid because it was passed with the benefit of an illegal meeting of the council’s Democratic caucus before the full council met on Dec. 19, 2006. The ordinance was revised again in December 2007, and the city says the judge’s ruling does not apply to that version. But the plaintiffs say it does. The judge gave both sides until April 29 to file more briefs.

Velocity calls us out

Velocity, that bastion of new journalism for the 21st century, wrote last week that LEO is a loser (and botched a coupla facts in the process). As mom said, it’s always important to consider the source. We’d be a lot more concerned if they’d called us winners. Sticks and stones, girls and boys, sticks and stones. Please, may we have another?

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