B-Sides (MUSIC & OTHER EPHEMERA) for 3-05-08

As much as we may prattle on about partying and having fun, drunk driving is stupid and dangerous. It just is. Illumina Records, a three-year-old Boston label, is raising awareness of the dangers by releasing a music compilation, Rockers for Life. The Midwest version of this collection features Love Affair, from Finchville, Ky., and Louisville singer-songwriter Nathan Calhoun. Read the backstory and compilation news at

U.S. imports
U.K. awards show

Seeing as how the Grammys basically sucked this year, we’re pleased to inform you of another, potentially cooler and more culturally relevant awards show coming to ’Merica. Famous UK mag New Musical Express and Goldenvoice Entertainment announced Monday that they’ll put on a stateside version of NME’s highly respected music awards show. The event takes place at Los Angeles’ historic El Rey Theatre on April 23, two days before Coachella in Indo, Calif. At press time, we don’t know if the event will be televised nationally, but there will be extensive coverage on www.nme.com. Isn’t that what YouTube’s for?

This Saturday, The 930 (www.the930.org) hosts Punch Bros., the new band featuring Chris Thile (ex-Nickel Creek). They’re out promoting their new Nonesuch Records release, Punch. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15 (advance), $18 (door). Tickets are on sale now at ear X-tacy and The 930. Add a $1 service fee for online and ear X-tacy sales.

Straight outta the blogosphere comes Stuff White People Like (stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com). Toyotas, recycling and helping poor people are among the top things white people heart, with involved explanations for why each holds a special place for the Caucasian persuasion. It’s funny, and enough to get you fired from your day job.

I am blue. Patrick Patterson’s out for the season after suffering a stress fracture in his foot, thus causing mucho stress over our postseason hopes. Here’s hoping the big guy shows up next season ready for Round 2 of Billy Ball.

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