What A Week

Gov. Beshear unveiled his blackjack plans, proposing 12 Kentucky casinos — including one in Louisville — that could generate $600 million. The proposal faces stiff opposition in the Senate, which responded by passing a bill to ban health insurance for gay partners of state workers and one to require women to get an ultrasound before getting an abortion.

The Transportation Department took a break from not building an East End bridge to focus on not rebuilding Spaghetti Junction. The bridge construction, which was slated to begin this year, is now slated to begin “when pigs fly” (which seems like an unnecessary dig at local commuters), with the junction portion beginning first.

While state leaders were busy scratching themselves, the Metro Council was hard at work easing your pain. The Council wants to tap federal and state funds to synchronize traffic lights on Shelbyville Road and Dixie Highway via wireless instead of their current system, which apparently is Windows 95. The upgrade will eventually add 281 signals and cost up to $10 million, which for that price better also deliver Internet porn and ESPN SportsCenter. The Council also wants to allow restaurants to get quick zoning approval to serve booze outdoors, bringing relief to thirsty smokers.

In other good news, Mayor Abramson announced that the economic downturn has increased competition among contractors so much that the downtown arena project could save up to $70 million, prompting hopes that the economy will get so bad the arena will be free. And job-training agency KentuckianaWorks has surplus bucks to train 1,000 workers to upgrade their job skills. Get in on the action at www.kentucianaworks.org.