It’s sweet to see the hometown on top in anything green, and that’s what happened when recyclers ECO-CELL listed Louisville #1 in the United States in cell-phone recycling at North American zoos. The Louisville Zoo recycled 3,051 cell phones in ’07, earning kudos from green groups and gorillas.

What do you do when your representatives pass a bill that would save countless miners’ lives? If you’re President Bush, you threaten a veto. The bill, co-sponsored by Rep. John Yarmuth of KY-3, would toughen laws that protect miners against the wishes of coal barons, who along with oil barons, pretty much own the Bush White House. The bill now moves to the Senate (also overseen by energy tycoons).

The proverb that says “may you live in times when TV is interesting” has never been more painful, thanks to the writer’s strike. But the action could get interesting if Anne Northup runs against Rep. John Yarmuth. Northup, twice-quarantined by voters, teased the electorate about a possible run. Conservatives who would love to vote for the woman who spent an excruciating decade in Congress, progressives who enjoy sticking a fork in the expired and the advertising industry all await with bated breath.


With U.S. economic nipples squooshed inside Iraq-war channellocks, the $4.2 gajillion Ohio River Bridges Project nowadays garners warm chuckles. But once the laughter dies, the word “toll” sexily spills over lips, especially the pouty maws of Transportation Secretary Joe Prather and Kentucky state Senator David Williams. The state, which is awesome at conducting studies, is studying the feasibility of toll funding. Meanwhile, Williams has filed a bill to give local authorities more control to fund projects they can’t afford.