Rumor & Innuendo

Coaching Carousel. Once you’re on it, you’re pretty much always on. Which is why the usual names keep cropping up for many vacancies that open up every season. Even if those names are associated with guys who just started at another school. Like Butch Davis. Then there’s Tommy Bowden, Terry Bowden, Tommy Tuberville and David Cutcliffe. The latter only went to four bowl games in six seasons at Ole Miss before he was fired.
Duke might want him now. You never hear about guys like Jerry Moore, who has only won twice as many as he’s lost in 18 seasons at Appalachian State. Not to mention two consecutive legit national titles, each won on the actual field of play. And a chance for a third this Friday. Plus, he’s got that little win over Michigan. Which happens to be looking for a coach also. Why don’t these schools look to other NCAA divisions? Ohio State hasn’t done too bad since hiring that Tressel guy from Youngstown State. As for the Joker Phillips of the world, well, apparently a lot of ADs can’t see past the color of their skin.

Hoops Recruiting.
I seriously doubt Tyreke Evans will ever be a Louisville Cardinal. But, as talented as the kid is, he’s obviously one and done and plays an it’s-all-about-me game. Let him go to Memphis where there’s no salary cap. Louisville does appear to be the early leader for junior superduperprep Lance Stephenson. The kid’s talking glowingly about the Cards. His coach is talking like he owes The Rick a kid after the Sebastian Telfair abdication. And the kid’s father was beside himself with excitement last Friday night when I asked him if he was going to stay for the U of L game the next day. “Come to the ’Ville and not see a game in Freedom Hall. You kiddin’ me? Got to see the Cards play in Freedom Hall.”

While you weren’t paying attention … the U.S. won the Davis Cup. If you know the names Vic Sexias and Tony Trabert, you know it used to be a big deal. Now, that international tennis competition goes essentially unnoticed.

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