Rumor & Innuendo

BCMess. It doesn’t matter which two teams meet for the Fake National College Football “Championship” in the Sugar Bowl. It’ll be the wrong two teams. Finally, we have a year so full of twists and turns that it is impossible for the powers-that-be to spin that this is a legitimate system. They know we need a playoff. You know we need a playoff. I know we need a playoff. With 16 teams, I’d suggest. But I can’t forget what SEC commissioner Mike Slive told me years ago when he headed the C-USA. “There will never be a college football playoff. Period.” Big ol’ bad college football chooses to maintain its figure skating mentality while every other legitimate sport decides its champ on the field or court of endeavor.

Billy (acting like) the Kid. I’m advised by some folks close to the UK program that a major rift has developed between AD Mitch Barnhart and the hoops program’s Designated Savior, Billy Gillispie. It appears there’s more to the coach’s failure to sign his contract than meets the eye. Apparently, Billy has blown off several important engagements to which he was committed, seriously pissing off major donors and his boss. One source indicated the two aren’t even talking these days.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
Fill up a bowl in the pipe for Schnell. After their upset of Troy on Saturday, his FAU Fighting Owls have made it to a bowl game sooner than any new top division college program. Beforehand, he wasn’t backing down from the battle’s importance: “This kind of game and this opportunity certainly fan the fires of enthusiasm. It is a new thing for us to have a game that has such monumental consequences.” After the victory, he was no less pontifical. “This one had major ramifications. People who two years ago didn’t know us from a cake of soap now know our football team. It was a thrilling victory. We’re humbled by dogged tenacity.” Stay tuned. We’ll check in with Coach Quote during New Orleans Bowl week.