So, I did it — another Christmas passed without killing my relatives. Amazing. I should get a medal.

You ’dig?
Local pop-rock group Shindig has made it to the third round of BODOG’s Battle of the Bands contest, says the band’s guitarist Nick Carlysle.
The contest, now in its second season, awards a million-dollar contract to whichever act wins the whole shebang.
“We’re very proud to be the only band representing the city in something so big, considering Shindig has only been a part of the Louisville scene fully for about a year,” Carlysle tells LEO. More on the contest is at battle.bodoglife.net and myspace.com/shindig.

Sweet Lou
Lou Reed has been announced as one of the keynote speakers for this year’s South By Southwest music melee in Austin, Texas. Other speakers scheduled to appear and be interviewed are Daryl Hall, who will also perform at the conference, and Sire Records president Seymour Stein.

Yung and dumb

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc’s failure to show up at an arraignment in Cleveland last week for attempting to carry a semiautomatic weapon onto a Delta Airlines flight is baffling on many levels.
If what police say is true, then my 4-year-old cousin has more sense than this moron.
As of this writing, Joc, whose debut album sold a million copies, is a fugitive. Even worse, I’m actually wasting ink on this. But I’m not alone. So are ABC News, MTV, Google and more.
If we, as in the media, want to make an example of him, fine. Just know that tactic cuts both ways. This guy is getting even more street cred now because he’s flouting the law. Any rapper who follows his example is an idiot who doesn’t deserve a mic.

‘High School Cribs’
And speaking of the press, will someone please explain to me why this feature on WLKY-TV actually matters? It’s live, local and laughable.

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