Rumor & Innuendo

No “C” in the BS. Yet again college football’s post-season shenanigans have been proven a fraud. There are no two best teams this campaign. Period. But lots of contendas. Play it off.

Grannie’s advice, Part Deux. Deja vu. Contemplating the performance of the Cardinal pigskinners, I’m compelled to heed Grannie again. If you can’t say something nice, etc., etc. … U of L’s sad season is essentially over. It is time to move on, except for …

… A frank assessment from Koach Steve. Red & Black fans who are being asked to shell out big bucks for a larger Pizza Bowl deserve some mea culpa from the man in charge: 1) a frank explanation of what happened and why; 2) what changes, if any, are planned to abate the precipitous freefall?

On the other hand … there’s hoops. A sign of how good U of L might be: Andre McGee, formerly known as “the nation’s best second point guard,” is leading scorer. The flipside is the loss of David Padgett. The Cards’ new math equation is: Does DC + Terrance Farley = Rodney McCray? If only that nettlesome injury bug would flit somewhere else.

And I don’t mean Lexington. Times is tough enough in the Bluegrass. UK’s footballers are battered and mired in a slump. The Cats’ ballers are also hurtin’. Wednesday’s tilt with Liberty couldn’t come soon enough.
Adios, Joe. One of my favorite baseball moments was listening to Joe Nuxhall swap tales with Happy Chandler during a long rain delay. Bet they’re at it again right now.

SchnellSpeak of the week. While FAU’s Fighting Owls prepared for last weekend’s daunting journey up the road to Gator country, their coach got in touch with his inner Bert Sugar. “(Playing Florida is) like climbing into the same ring with Muhammad Ali.” Schnell the Seeker was looking for intervention, either divine or demonic.

“We’re going to go to church and pray a lot. I’m going to have Beverlee find a séance lady and have a séance. Then we’ll maybe invoke the deity and maybe invoke the devil.” As for help in stopping Tim Tebow, Action Comics Schnell was looking only skyward. “I say a lot of prayers and things. I liken him to a Clark Kent or a Superman, whichever way you want to go about it.” None of it worked.