CHARLESTOWN PIZZA CO., 850 Main St., Charlestown, Ind., (812) 256-2699. Building a strong word-of-mouth reputation, this Southern Indiana restaurant and pub is run by folks who learned their pizza and beer at New Albanian Brewing Company. The beer selection is exceptional, and the Italian-inspired dishes are reasonably priced. (Reviewed 10/10; Rating: N/A)

MAIDO ESSENTIAL JAPANESE, 1758 Frankfort Ave., 894-8775, This popular Clifton restaurant is Louisville’s only example of “izakaya” dining, a combination of pub, sake bar and eatery. Maido specializes in small dishes, affordably priced, with the idea that a group can select a variety of contrasting bites to accompany with plenty of libations. (Reviewed 10/17; Rating: 92)

STEINERT’S GRILL AND PUB, 2239 Charlestown Rd., New Albany, Ind., (812) 945-8827. Steinert’s has been dishing up down-home chow in New Albany since 1883. It doubles as a club, with live music several nights a week, and even a sports bar. (Reviewed 10/24; Rating: N/A)

CHEZ SENEBA, 4218 Bishop Ln., 968-8659. Louisville reportedly has a community of more than 500 Senegalese immigrants, who seem to form the core clientele for Chez Seneba; but everyone is warmly welcome, as long as they bring to the table an interest in experiencing West African cuisine in its spicy, aromatic and often rather unfamiliar style. (Reviewed 10/24; Rating: N/A)

CHECK’S CAFÉ, 1101 E. Burnett St., 637-9515. This archetypal Germantown tavern excels at the four Bs: brats, burgers, bean soup and beer. A recent renovation has freshened the interior without taking away any of the character. (Reviewed 11/7; Rating: N/A)

FLABBY’S SCHNITZELBURG, 1101 Lydia St., 637-9136. This cozy Germantown spot has excellent lunch specials and traditional German dinners, which have been featured ever since the late Jim “Flabby” Devine opened it in 1952. Some consider Flabby’s fried chicken the best in town. (Reviewed 11/7; Rating: N/A)

GERMANTOWN CAFÉ, 1053 Goss Ave., 637-9412. The small yet inviting neighborhood restaurant offers a steam table with daily lunch specials as well as home-style dinners like fried chicken, bratwursts and fried baloney sandwiches. Prices are cheap at this 130-year tavern. (Reviewed 11/7; Rating: N/A)