Rumor & Innuendo

Turning point. If Louisville’s season turns around, the pivotal moment might be when cussing-is-verboten Koach Steve dropped the F-bomb on the zebras (in full view of ESPNU cameras) after they said he challenged a call on the field that he hadn’t.

Harry Douglas Syndrome. It would be nice if Koach Steve were honest about who is going to play, and who is hurt, and who is going to sit out a game for other reasons.

Hurry-up offense. It would be nice if Offensive Coordinator Charlie Stubbs got the plays in quicker so the Cards wouldn’t have to waste so many precious timeouts, and Brian Brohm wouldn’t have to stand frustrated, looking toward the sidelines awaiting the next play call.

Magic touch???? Olek Czyz was set to commit to the Cardinals. Then Coach American Express Card got hold of him. Now he’s Duke-bound. Hmmmm???

Men in the white coats. Guard granny and the kiddies this month. Thousands of Aussie Rules Footballers shall be invading our burg for a tourney. The fascinating sport was a staple in the early days of ESPN. Alas, no more. Pity. It’s a great game. And I love how the referees wear white lab coats. Most cool. If you’re a sports fan — I assume, if you’re reading this, you are — support this boffo event.

Color him gone. Pitt coach — I use the term loosely — Dave Wannstedt.

SchnellSpeak of the week.
I come to praise Caesar, not to bury him. (To not quite but almost paraphrase a writer with a few more chops than I.) Coach With A Quote was back in the Bluegrass last weekend. He was veni, vidi, but no vici. FAU was smothered by the surging Cats. But let’s take a moment to give credit where it’s due.

Kentucky is producing more football prospects these days than hoopsters. Credit the Schnell and his insistence that UK and U of L meet annually on the gridiron. Kids across the commonwealth have rethought their sporting preferences. As Howard might wax biblically, he was the genesis. Actually, here’s what he did pontificate: “To have Louisville taking on such a major role in the hierarchy of football, and now Kentucky making its ascension, it gains a great deal of praise.” Amen.