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Tit for tat. Red scores on the first play from scrimmage. Blue scores on the first play from scrimmage. Et tu, little birdie!  Let’s beat a dead horse. The Cats and Cards should have been playing each other. Period. Did you see any of the Colorado/ Colorado State game? Buffs won in OT on HDTV. It coulda shoulda been our schools. It would have been college pigskin’s biggest story last weekend. Other than App State, that is.
Where was Willie? Among the most anticipated debuts at U of L’s opener was that of transfer linebacker Willie Williams. Who, uh, didn’t play a down against Murray State. For which inaction, there was zero explanation from Koach Steve, who is proving to be at least as close-mouthed, perhaps moreso, than his obsessively zipper-lipped predecessor.

A fond farewell. For the most part, the local sports media is a friendly group, lots of camaraderie, little sense of rivalry, good-natured banter in the press room. Good guys and gals. That said, Gary Montgomery stood above the crowd. Always a genuine hello, how you doing? Always upbeat. Decency to the Nth degree. Enjoy your retirement, Gary. You’re missed already.

Go Wolverines, beat … Uh, next topic.

SchnellSpeak of the week. “A monstrosity.” That’s how Howard described this season’s Florida Atlantic schedule, which includes trips to UK, Florida and Oklahoma State. But his Fighting Owls opened at home for the first time in program history, and stand 1-0, also a first, after beating conference rival Middle Tennessee. Before the game, squad members spoke of the monumentality of the encounter. “Well, they are a young group that hasn’t been in a lot of big ballgames,” Schnellenberger admonished.

After the 27-14 victory in front of 11,318 at Lockhart Stadium, Schnell stated stats, which he seldom does: “More than 200 yards rushing, more than 5 yards per carry” — and rhapsodized, “I’m thrilled with the outcome of the game.” Coach was so pleased, he saw the W as, well, read on: “It was a very satisfying win for all of us. It’s momentum for the rest of my life and the rest of their life.”

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