Rumor & Innuendo

The next legacy QB? Seems there’s a new kid in town, a freshman at prep power Trinity. His family moved here from Oklahoma when his daddy transferred jobs. The kid plays QB. Apparently very well. After watching practice, one source swears the wunderkind’s the best frosh QB he’s ever seen. That includes you-know-who, the homie Heisman candidate. I’m advised the kid’s last name is Kragthorpe.

Rumor begat rumors. After rumormongering about the possibility of a Cardinal hoops abdication last week, my inbox filled. Every squad member was mentioned as the guy in at least one communication, except for Will Scott, Stuart Miller and Terrance Farley. As for the name I was originally told, I’ve heard nuttin, honey.

Funny money. I don’t understand. A few weeks ago, Tony Stewart won $488,111 for finishing first in the Brickyard 400. For capturing the Canadian Open the same weekend, Jim Furyk won $900,000. Stewart won again Sunday at Watkins Glen. His paycheck: $239,286. Meanwhile, Tiger took home $1,260,000 for the PGA. You want your kid to race cars or play golf?

Unretirement news. My source tells me there’s a better chance Reggie Jackson returns to the Yankees lineup than of Reggie Miller donning Celtic green. If he does come back, perhaps the team with an old fart roster led by Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Miller could be the centerpiece of a new professional wheelchair league.

SchnellSpeak of the Week. It was tough start to preseason practice for FAU. Last season’s leading receiver, Frantz Simeon, is ineligible because of academic reasons. Coach Pipe blew no smoke when assessing the situation: “‘He didn’t pass a test he was supposed to.” Ever the optimist, Howie concluded: “I think his position will be filled more than adequately. I don’t think we’ll miss anything with him being unable to play.”
And the Fighting Owls are living up to their nickname. Several squad members lit into each other during one of Schnell’s post-workout pep talks. The basis of the squabble? Coach: “They were talking about cleaning up the locker room and somebody took exception to that. He said since he didn’t dirty it up, he didn’t have to clean it.” Assuming his squad gets hygiene in order, its football opener is Sept. 1 against Middle Tennessee.