CD Review – Mushroom With Eddie Gale

Joint Happening
Mushroom with Eddie Gale

The secret behind making a killer stoner rock anthem is to write it vertically, not just horizontally, and Mushroom’s topsy-turvy twists and turns climb into your brain with focused layers.

    At this buffet, everyone feasts — “freak jazz,” fluid guitars with all the texture of molten lava, at times blistering, at times crunching along in their own weird way, but Mushroom avoids trying to please all listeners. Rather it creates a cozy atmosphere in which the deepest corners of your head thrive with wild, vivid imagination.

    Eddie Gale needs no introduction, but he gives you one, as his trumpet bleats to life in the opener “Peace.” An 18-minute opus, “I Was Torn Down At The Dance Place — Shaved Head At The Organ” is jazz dosed up with polychromatic precision and begs a live audience. You know you want one with Mushroom soon.