Book Smart – Poetry

By John Swain

Sun singe, glimmer, then purge,
we taste the burnt ground
where riding people threw coins.

Yet you speak perfect words
not caring for the meadowlark
in your throat like earth’s old voice.

I will pour clean water
for your thirst when all birds light
from where we lay twisting shovels.

Despite the chars of our coupling,
you open my side with dry fingers
allowing the horses to drink.

Book Smart Challenge
Entries — either flash fiction or poetry — should be no more than 325 words. The deadline is the first business day of each month (for work to be published later that month). Contestants may submit up to three entries per month. LEO reserves the right to publish any submitted work in print and online. Please do not send originals; work will not be returned. Send entries to [email protected], with “Book Smart Challenge” in the subject line, or mail to LEO, Book Smart Challenge, 640 S. Fourth St., Ste. 100, Louisville, Ky., 40202.