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That darned moving camera.
Despite amazing new technology, often old school is best. During the NBA playoffs — which are marvelous, in case you have not been paying attention — ESPN/ABC have gone where they never should have. It is that moving camera along the sidelines. Send it. It makes me dizzy. I, like most, desire a static, stable view of the action. I don’t care to know what a Baron Davis breakaway would look like if I were a bird flying along the court above him. Think about it this way. You’re at a game, but nature calls when the action is hot. You scoot out the aisle but keep your eye on the court. But if something big is happening, you stop when you get to the aisle, so you can make sense of what you’re seeing. It’s a lesson the show-offs in the production truck apparently never learned. Just because they can have a camera hovering above the court doesn’t mean they should.
Coach knows best.

Like the CSTV announcers covering U of L’s victory over Notre Dame in the Big East softball championship, I couldn’t fathom why, with a 2-0 lead, Cardinal coach Sandy Pearsall pulled pitcher Kristen Wadwell, who had a no-hitter going in the 5th. Wadwell only pitched well enough to be named the tourney’s Most Outstanding Player. Her replacement gave up the tying runs, but Louisville tallied the winner in the bottom of the 6th to gain an automatic bid to the NCAAs. All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

The best sport … nobody sees.
The quest of Lord Stanley’s Cup continues to amaze. Of course, you could care less. And, even if you did, you’d have to be a super sleuth to figure out how, when and where to watch the action.
Sound familiar????

An administrator at the big state university said the school is interested in scheduling athletic contests with its in-state, out-of-conference urban school rival, “but reinstating the rivalry is not possible at this time … adding another conference game to the football schedule would limit our ability to schedule out-of-conference games.” The schools: Penn State and Pitt.
By seedy k
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