Rumor & Innuendo

Next trend … puhleeze.
So the latest fans to go we’re-all-wearing-the-same-color-shirts-to-the-game-because-we-really-really-really-love-our-team-more-than-you-love-your-team are the usually sensible Mormons out Salt Lake City way. The Jazz’s home court looked like the DeanDome during Game 3 of the NBA’s Western Conference finals. The crowd was in baby blue. This is a trend that — if there is a supreme being on high — will have run its course by next autumn, when football and hoops come around again. Threads on Cardinal message boards vilified fans who chose to not don the “suggested” shirt during designated games last season. Gimme a break. When you pay as much $$$ as people must for tickets these days, seems to me they can wear whatever they want.

“The Big Game.”
The thoroughly button-down NFL apparently felt not quite corporata enough. So, it is reported, the league petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to copyright the term, “The Big Game.” Pete Rozelle must have been smiling. But such was the uproar from Stanford and Cal supporters, whose annual pigskin tussle has had that moniker for years, that the suits that run pro football withdrew their application.

Trey for Bulldogs.
6-8 superduperprep Trey Tompkins has chosen Dennis Felton’s Georgia Bulldogs as his college squad. He says he turned down offers from Florida, Georgia Tech, LSU, UCLA and, most important around here, UK.
Since when is this a transgression? 

I know it’s been a while since I was in college and not yet of legal drinking age, but have things changed that much? LSU’s underage QB Ryan Perriloux was suspended by coach Les Miles, after using — omigod, I can’t believe it — a fake ID to get into a casino. My, my, what a disgrace this kid is for the Bayou Bengal Brigade. 🙂

Teammates for life???

It’s reported that Greg Oden is strongly urging Portland to somehow obtain Atlanta’s pick (No. 3) in the upcoming NBA draft, so he can continue to play alongside Mike Conley Jr. When guys like Oden talk, teams listen. Apparently the Trailblazers have made a generous offer to the Hawks — Zach Randolph and Jarrett Jack — for that pick, which they would use to take the crafty point guard.