Film Review – ‘Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic’

New doc unearths ‘truth’ behind 9/11 WTC conspiracies

EDITOR’S NOTE: LEO in no way endorses the views expressed herein with regard to 9/11 conspiracies. Much has been written on both sides of this issue; the newspaper believes it is important to present a variety of views. We encourage readers to read extensively on this topic.

Let us begin with a blunt statement that will definitively sidestep equivocation: The official story of what happened on 9/11/01 is utter BULLSHIT.

The official version holds that the impact of crashing airplanes and heat from the resultant fire combined to bring both towers to the ground.

The official version, as noted in Michael Berger’s film documentary “Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic” (screened May 14 at ZaZoo’s), seems to fly in the face of some physical laws. Many people — and I am one — simply do not believe the buildings (where I once worked) could melt down in the way we’ve been told. The temperature was not high enough, the burn time not sufficiently long enough. Berger begins with this physical evidence and the contradictory government explanations. (Popular Mechanics magazine ran a lengthy piece in March 2005 that explains how steel will react when compromised. A simple Google search will locate it.—Ed.)

Neat trick, especially when shape charges can be clearly seen going off. Even the first responders — mostly firemen and cops — reported several sequential explosions at the WTC.

“All the cops and firemen knew about it,” says one of the interviewees in the film, “and they were all keeping their mouths shut out of fear for their jobs.”

Berger moves tentatively into the financial realm — that is, who knew ahead of time about the disaster and who profited. Here Berger’s film falters, but not for lack of conviction. He talks about insurance companies and stock exchange “puts” (options to buy) that stretched across the globe, and indicates in what he says is a statistically indisputable way that investors were expecting American Airlines and United Airlines to (both literally and figuratively) crash. But he doesn’t follow the money far enough.

It is telling that nowhere in the narrative does Berger mention leaseholder Larry Silverstein, who had tremendous insurance interests in the towers and who admitted on TV that building No. 7 had been “pulled’ (taken down in a controlled demolition) at his direction.

It is here that the evidence — far from subsiding — begins to pile up. Building No. 7 is key. It seems few Americans know or recall that another building, owned by the same man, came crashing down several hours after the WTC towers. It was blamed on fire. (Subsequent hypotheses say WTC 7 was far more damaged by falling debris than initially thought, according to Popular Mechanics.—Ed.) Like the towers, it came down quickly in what seemed a neatly controlled fall.

Kevin Ryan, an inspector for Underwriter’s Laboratories, checking structural, water and electrical systems for insurance purposes, was one of the few allowed to analyze debris from the WTC wreckage. Ryan found molten metal containing amounts of chromium, iron sulfide and manganese, things the film says are only explainable through controlled demolition. (Based on our reading of general science, those elements are commonly found in any building made of steel.—Ed.)

Two legitimate academics, Steven Jones and David Griffin, reached the same conclusion, as did almost every engineer who looked into the case.

And it is a “case.” At the scene of the largest-scale crime ever committed in American history, no substantial chain of evidence was enforced! The broken buildings’ parts were put on barges to China and subsequently recycled. It’s all too reminiscent of John F. Kennedy’s car being shipped to Detroit and disassembled before forensic work could commence. Then, Vietnam took over the public consciousness. Today it is Iraq. And the whole thing was easily sold to a frightened public.

“Improbable Collapse” is not the best 9/11 documentary (there are many), but it is pretty good. On the other hand, much of it is simplistically constructed and even misleading. Here are some words never mentioned in “Improbable Collapse”: Mossad; CIA; Egypt; Saudi Arabia; Britain; the bin Ladens; the State Department; and Silverstein. It is time for those interested in the true facts of the 9/11 catastrophe to start thinking in more innovative ways. It is time to accept the possibility that two distinct plots were hatched that day — one to crash airplanes and one to remove tall buildings — coordinated only at the highest levels by bad guys unknown even to clever documentarians.

More impressive than the film was the crowd at the Louisville screening. ZaZoo’s was jammed with young hipsters, old hippies and sundry, politically concerned citizens. Even the obvious CIA plants in the crowd were entertaining, like the guy from Lawrenceburg who didn’t know what county Lawrenceburg was in, or the guy who said he was from Bay Ridge “in the Bronx” (Bay Ridge is in Brooklyn). 9/11 is the major event of our lifetime. Like the Kennedy murder, it was explained to the public in a way that was patently false even to the layman. The “evidence” — the film — is right in front of our eyes.

“Improbable Collapse” is not in theaters but can be seen at and at various other easily located sites, including Contact the writer at [email protected]