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Pledge of Allegiance.
What in the name of Pudge Heffelfinger is going on? Well, it seems the new assertion of college football status is how many show up at the spring scrimmage? A tip o’ Bear’s houndstooth to the Crimson Tide. Bama fans totaled 92,000+, with thousands more partying in the parking lot. Which makes you wonder if O-H-I-O State fans really care? The horseshoe on the banks of the Olentangy was only two-thirds full. Tsk, tsk. U of L, to the continuing amazement of old-timers who used to have their choice of seats at Fairgrounds Stadium, is an up and comer, with 25,000+ in attendance last Friday.

Guns ’n’ Rondo.
That Rajon Rondo has blasted past Sebastian Telfair on the Celtics isn’t the erstwhile phenom’s only worry. Seems the former SI cover boy can’t stop playing with guns. I’m advised Telfair will be toiling somewhere besides Boston next season. Like maybe Europe.

The next level.
American teen hoopsters aren’t the only ones with delusions of grandeur. Aussie Aaron Bruce is making himself available for the NBA draft. Haven’t heard of him? Imagine my surprise. He played guard for Baylor. He joins such big-timers as Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s Chris Daniels. Of the pivot man, listed at 7-0 feet, opines: “Not much of a rebounder or shot blocker despite being the biggest guy in his conference. Doesn’t have much in the way of low post moves.” I doubt Chris will ever get the chance to make Amare Stoudemire’s acquaintance. And what is the year’s most underachieving freshman, Daequan Cook, thinking? Keeping fingers crossed, Louisville fans should shout hallelujah. Even the most diehard couldn’t have imagined that everybody who mattered would be returning for another year.

Amobi Okoye smoked pot in college. BFD. The pre-draft buzz on the kid is bigger than a stalk of homegrown hothouse sinsemilla.

New kid in town.
Seems his name will be Reginald Delk, not Lance Thomas, about which Dookie I’ve heard nuttin’ honey in weeks. The Rick luuuuuvs transfers. And the nature of college hoops is you can’t have enough guards.

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