Rumor & Innuendo

Significant sighting.
Seen last Thursday having coffee together at the Frankfort Avenue Heine Brothers: Billy Donovan, The Rick, Cotton Nash and Adolph Rupp. Truth. The barista swears she saw Donovan holding the deed to a Citation Pointe luxury condo.

Old Cards, new Cards.
Given that The Rick has gone public with info that Jonathan Huffman would be best served by transferring, one must assume it’s a done deal. There are rumors that another member of this year’s squad might also seek more playing time at another institution of higher learning. Cards fans should hope not. Louisville needs all who contributed this year to return to meet its full potential next season. Which potential is, frankly, the ability to be playing the last weekend of the season. There are also murmurs of a transfer coming in, maybe two. The Rick loves transfers. The name Lance Thomas has been whispered. He was a U of L recruit who ended up a freshman at Duke this year. He never seemed to fit into Coach K’s plans. Then again, it might be someone else.

NCAA Final Four ticket scam.
Talk about highway robbery. You can apply for two tickets to next year’s Final Four through the NCAA’s online lottery. You can enter 10 times. But you can only win once — two tickets total. The gotcha: Your credit card gets charged for all of the tickets — $3,450 — even though the most you would possibly owe, if selected, is $390. Which means the NCAA would have use of $3,060 of your money until it refunds the balance next February. Didn’t such usury used to be illegal?

Cali-brate, Cali-brate, dance to the music.
Early last week, Memphis coach John Calipari signed a contract extension to 2012, saying he was where he wanted to be. On Saturday, Arkansas asked permission to discuss its vacancy with the Tiger coach. Question: If he was so loyal, why didn’t Calipari immediately go public with a confirmation of his commitment to Memphis?

Spotted …
standing outside Memorial Coliseum last Sunday afternoon: Mitch Barnhart, Billy Donovan, Wah Wah Jones and Li’l Richie. Honest.