Rumor & Innuendo

Big Blue smirk.
Who knows whether UK fatcats will buy Tubby out of his contract or not? It’s obvious from Mitch Barnhart’s recent statement that it’s more of a possibility than ever. There is loads of conjecture as to who the next coach might be. Texas A&M Aggies’ Billy Gillespie is a name often heard. He may be the next great coach. Here’s a name I heard from a couple of sources last week: Tom Crean. One guy says Crean really is intent on staying at Marquette, but that UK might make him an offer he can’t refuse. The other said Crean is “openly politicking” for the position in Lexington. Doubtful, but I’m just here to throw fuel on the fire.

Big Blue recruiting.

Here’s one that’ll warm the hearts of the anti-Tubby crowd. I’m told a local guy chatted up Thad Matta back during golfing weather. Matta, who apparently is the next great recruiter, supposedly said he “never competes with Kentucky for any of the kids he’s after.”
The Good Rick vs.
the Evil Rick.
I’m told Cardinal freshman Earl Clark was asked what it was like playing under Rick Pitino. With a smile, he responded, “I can’t believe that’s the same guy who sat in my living room talking to my family.”

Cardinals-Pirates chippyness.

The pushing and shoving at U of L’s home finale with Seton Hall wasn’t the first time ugliness has overwhelmed hoops in the series. Led by seven-footer Walter Dukes, Seton Hall, then ranked No. 1, was the Cards’ foe for the home finale in 1953. U of L pulled the upset, 73-67. But the game ended in a brawl that sadly included fans from the Armory stands.

Holloway in the house.

If that big-’un in Freedom Hall Sunday wasn’t signee Clarence Holloway, it sure looked like him. Two observations: 1) He was on crutches with a foot in a cast, so he’s obviously ready to be a Card. 2) He’s a lot thinner than he was at the Derby All-Star game.

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