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Bluegrass = Cali?
Here’s the deal, all you Dynasty Defending Big Blue Orlando-Bashers: Tubby Smith ain’t goin’ nowhere. Period. Get used to it. That said, an Alabama newspaper reports that a UK intermediary contacted Memphis coach John Calipari to gauge his interest, should the UK job be open after the season. What a match that would be. The NCAA’s most-penalized program. And the coach of whom Clark Francis, asked how he gets all those good prepsters to Memphis, replied: “No salary cap!”

Louisville fans can only hope the future brings back the scheduling philosophy of previous decades. Which would be, for those who have forgotten, the willingness to play tough non-conference games early. I note that Texas ain’t scared. The Longhorns have home-and-homes coming up with Michigan State and Wisconsin.

A name you’ll hear too much.
Brook Lopez. U of L fans will be damning him on Thursday. Especially when he leaves the game and turns into his twin, Robin.

First-round upsets.
Everybody loves Winthrop. Fuhgettaboutit. They’re way overrated for an underrated team. If you know what I mean. I think Old Dominion whacks Butler. Oral Roberts plunders Washington State, which is the most unimpressive of the top seeds. Texas Tech beats Boston College.

The Sweet Sixteen.
In the St. Louis regional, I see Florida, Maryland and Georgia Tech getting there, along with my favorite team that doesn’t wear red & black, Oregon’s Ducks. Wisconsin is good, but plays a little too dispassionately to go far. Especially without Brian Butch. Kansas, the country’s hottest team, steamrolls the Wildcats — Villanova’s Wildcats — to get to San Jose. They will be joined by Virginia Commonwealth, UCLA and Virginia Tech. The Dooooooookies are one and done. I love Texas, which is on an uptick even if it lost in the Big 12 tourney.

Georgetown has restored Hoya Paranoia. They looked like a Final Four team in Freedom Hall, and they still do more than ever. Vandy and Michigan State will join them in Joisey. Fightin’ it out at the Alamo will be the Buckeyes, the Vols, the Blue Jays and the squad with America’s best gamer, Acie Law, Texas A&M Aggies.

At the movies.
TWill, always cool on the court, didn’t let the excitement of Selection Sunday get in the way of catching a flick. He was spotted at a showing of “300,” which started just minutes after U of L’s seeding was announced.

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