Rumor & Innuendo

Still Myles to go.
Maybe that Ellis Myles fella is more capable of legerdemain — that’s magic to you without a thesaurus — than I thought. As a bunch of you pointed out to me at last Saturday’s game, my sources and I were wrong about Derrick Caracter’s future as a U of L Cardinal. He played. He played well. And he showed why The Rick is giving him such a long leash. If DC and Coach get on the same page, the pivotman could become a playah Cards fans long remember and revere. But remember ye red and black faithful, one game against a schlepper squad like USF does not a career make.

Knights Report.
Once again I’m hearing what many along Norris Place have been contemplating for a while. Bellarmine is about to start the climb to Division I status in hoops. One school administrator advised it’s a seven-year process.

Cost of success.
U of L raised season football ticket prices. A lot of ticket holders are wondering how much worse the increased tariff would have been if the Cards’ home schedule next season wasn’t padded with Murray State and Middle Tennessee?

Bane of the bayou.

A bunch of LSU fans have been none too happy for a while with the coaching prowess of John Brady. They were quieted by last season’s run to the Final Four. Now they’re baaaaack. I’m hearing that unless he rights the ship the rest of this year, next season will be his last without another serious post-season run.

Reggie in a down coat?

Up Minnesooooooota way the Golden Gopher faithful want their next hoops coach to be alumnus Flip Saunders, now with the Pistons. The buzz is that the second, and more likely, choice is former Card assistant, natty Reggie Theus.

Good move Rex.

In Chicagoland, Rex Grossman is the new Steve Bartman. Several wags suggested he not go home for a while. Smart guy, Rex. One Internet site reports Da Bears QB was spotted at the Vegas Playboy Club in the company of bunnies, Michelle, Cerra and April.