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Denny Crum Court.
About damn time. I’m told The Rick, who has always been publicly deferential to the former coach, was the main mover. Anybody familiar with the bad blood that has existed between Hall-of-Famer Crum and the current AD will tell you this was far from a sure thing ever happening under the current administration. Kudos and thanks to all who had the good sense and sanity to make it reality.


Some Cats fans who still aren’t sold on Rich Brooks are in la la land. I’ve heard the name Bill Parcells mentioned in the same sentence as UK a number of times since he waved bye-bye to Jerry Jones. Hear me now and believe me later, he may be vacationing in Britain, but the Tuna ain’t comin’ to Commonwealth Stadium.

Giving Bobby his due.

I think Bobby Knight is a great coach, but, frankly, a duplicitous skankwad as a human. Still, I gotta give him props when due. He sure gave up-and-comer Texas A & M coach Billy Gillespie a lesson the other night. The Aggies had it out of bounds side court for a chance at a last-second shot that would win the game. Bobby called timeout when he saw A & M’s set-up. Then Tech stole the inbounds pass when Gillespie didn’t change his plan and had his guy throw it right where Knight knew he would. Steal. Ballgame.

Brandon Bender.
Sad. Very, very sad.
Haberdashery note, Part I.
Country Day’s got a player named Armani Randolph.

Haberdashery note, Part II.

More than one wag along press row wondered about the length of Marvin Menzies’ stay on the U of L bench after he showed up on White Out Night in the exact same doublebreasted cream blazer and brown slacks outfit as The Rick …

Caracter report.

Derrick who?

Hoops recruiting.
Remember when this was all we talked about all year? Anyway, I’m advised that chances are increasing that E-town’s Steffphon Pettigrew will end up a Cat. Two reasons: 1) He’s Tubby tough, and 2) Chris Lofton.

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