20 Questions with ‘Jeopardy’ champion Julie Dunlevy: Three-time game-show winner is challenged on her knowledge of

Julie Dunlevy: photo courtesy of Jeopardy! Productions Inc.     Louisvillian Julie Dunlevy with “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek. Her four appearances, which aired last week, were filmed Nov. 7-8.

Julie Dunlevy: photo courtesy of Jeopardy! Productions Inc. Louisvillian Julie Dunlevy with “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek. Her four appearances, which aired last week, were filmed Nov. 7-8.

By day Julie Dunlevy is a computer tech specialist at the University of Louisville’s health-sciences campus. By night she is a three-time winner on “Jeopardy,” taking home $75,800 after competing last week on the nationally televised game show. Cheered on by husband Pat and daughters Megan and Tricia, Julie, 47, said the strangest thing about being on “Jeopardy” was all the attention she’s gotten around town.

We Googled myself and there was stuff there, which was kinda an odd feeling” she said. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m just a normal, average, everyday person. It’s a good 15 minutes of fame.”

LEO got a chance to grill this smart cookie on 20 questions about Louisville. Of course, she had to answer the questions in the form of a question. Here’s how she did:

1) Louisville was founded in this year.

JD: What is 1750? I’m pretty sure that’s wrong, though.

LEO: Ooooh, a little off — it’s 1778.

2) This waxy bourbon is made in Loretto, Ky.

JD: What is Maker’s Mark?

LEO: Correct!

3) This decadent dish was invented at the Brown Hotel.

JD: What is the Hot Brown? … You know I like food and drink, don’t you?

LEO: Actually, those are my specialties, too. You are correct.

4) This is U of L’s mascot.

JD: What is the cardinal? I ought to know that since I work there — that would be pretty bad.

LEO: Right.

5) The weekly alternative rag you’re currently talking to.

JD: What is LEO? Again, that would be pretty bad if I missed that.

LEO: Yep, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

6) Hoosier.

JD: Who are the people across the river?

LEO: Oh, sorry, wrong. The correct question is: Who the hell really knows?

7) This national morning-show anchor hails from the River City.

JD: Who is … hmmm … I have no idea?

LEO: Incorrect. It’s: Who is Diane Sawyer?

8) An out-of-style cocktail that was invented at Louisville’s Pendennis Club.

JD: What is the Old-Fashioned?

LEO: Correct.

9) Shively.

JD: Hmm … this is one I have to be sensitive to … What are the outskirts of the Louisville area? … I know people from Shively, I have to be careful!

LEO: Not what the judges had in mind, but they’ll accept it.

10) This Louisville native is synonymous with gonzo journalism.

JD: Who is Hunter S. Thompson?

LEO: Correct!

11) Dawne Gee.

JD: Who is a talented Louisville personality?

LEO: Again, after consulting with the judges, this answer is acceptable. Moving on …

12) Boxers or briefs.

JD: What is ‘depends on who’s wearing them’?

LEO: Sure!

13) A member of this late-’80s boy band started a fire at the renowned Seelbach Hotel.

JD: Who are the Backstreet Boys?

LEO: Close, but no cigar torch. It’s: Who are The New Kids on the Block?

14) This 2006 Derby winner has an Internet message board where people can wish him well.

JD: Who is Barbaro?

LEO: Correct.

15) Velocity.

JD: What is a fun read?

LEO: Sorry, the correct question is: What is the rate of speed at which something happens?

16) The Louisville Smoking Ban.

JD: What is a very debatable issue right now in Louisville politics?

LEO: Wrong again. The correct question is: What is bullshit?

17) This U.S. Congressman started LEO Weekly in 1990.

JD: Who is John Yarmuth?

LEO: Correct!

18) This condiment, made with cucumbers and cream cheese, was invented by Louisville restauranteur Jennie Carter Benedict at the turn of the 20th century.

JD: What is Benedictine?

LEO: Correct!

19) The three most popular fast-food chains Louisville’s Yum! Brands owns.

JD: What are Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut?

LEO: Correct again. Now for the last question …

20) Paper or plastic.

JD: What is your preferred bagging choice?

LEO: Wrong. It’s: What does Metro government plan to build the next Louisville bridge out of?

Julie got 14 out of 20 questions right, but we’re grading on a curve, so she gets an A for effort and attitude. Thanks for playing!

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