WEB EXCLUSIVE: Wax Fang to ring in ’07 with MMJ

Wax Fang is going to San Francisco.
But will Scott Carney wear flowers in his hair?
“But of course,” said Carney, the Fang’s singer and guitarist.
The group will once again join Louisville heroes My Morning Jacket on the last of its three-night stand at the legendary Fillmore Theater on New Year’s Eve. The Fillmore is where MMJ filmed the live concert footage for Okonokos: Double Live Album.

Wax Fang opened for MMJ on the first leg of its fall tour back in November. Their time together ended with a Thanksgiving Eve homecoming show at Louisville Gardens in front of about 4,000 of their closest friends.

Frisco is shaping up to be much the same. “It should be a good time, man,” Carney said. “I wish everyone could come with us.”

The Jacket had asked Wax Fang about three weeks ago if they wanted to open, Carney said, and the band relayed its needs in order to pull off their set since they’ll be flying, not driving, into town. He said the Fang — which includes bassist Jake Heustis and drummer Kevin Ratterman — will rent amplifiers and a drum kit for the show.

Wax Fang recently returned from a weeklong recording session laying down basic tracks at Ardent Studios in Memphis for what will be its second album.

“It was definitely rigorous,” Carney said. “The place was super and the people there were really nice.”

Asked what was it like recording in the same studio that engineered Led Zeppelin III, Carney replied, “It was so awesome. As soon as you walked in you could feel the buzz of rock history and creative energy coursing through your veins.”