Rumor & Innuendo

Movin’ on?
Frankly, Bob Domine’s impertinence notwithstanding, there was never a question that Brian Brohm would return for his senior season. The pertinent query is which of U of L’s other two stars is likely to move early to the next level? Most speculation has been about Heisman-quality multi-purpose back Michael Bush. How does his insurance policy read? How will that affect his decision? What are the scouts telling him? The murmurs I’m hearing are that Bush is now leaning toward staying home for a final season. But murmurs is all they is. More likely to jump is Mario Urrutia. Apparently the scouts love him. You can’t coach size, ya know. And word is he’s starting to hear the clink o’ bling. If all three stay, U of L is a lock preseason Top 5.

Fast, fun & feisty.
The highest rated hoops squad on the Belknap Campus is Tom Collen’s Lady Cards. You want to see a baller? Check out Her Smoothness Angel McCoughtry, who laid 21 and 15 on Kentucky. Is the team feisty? Second leading scorer Helen Johnson is indefinitely suspended for punching out teammate Toni Slaughter. The women’s games are old-school fun, more Jazz (Covington) than commercial hoohah like the men’s games.

BCS is B.S.
Ah, yes, the annual bickering over who deserves to play for the national title. Any pigskin fan with a pulse knows there needs to be a playoff. How unique — let a school actually win the title on the field in a tournament. Alas, let me remind you what Mike Slive told me several years back before he jumped from C-USA to the SEC. “There will never be a college football playoff. Period.”
Turn down the echoes.
It’s time for the Big East — and the BCS for that matter — to end its Notre Dame love affair. If the league schools had guts, they’d tell the Irish to join for football or take a walk for all the other sports. The South Benders need a league for a viable athletic program. What other big-time conference would let them play part time?

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