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SchnellReport of the Week.
No quotes from the pigskin poet. Just rumor. I am skeptical, but a source advises that Schnell, through intermediaries, let the Alabama folks know he’d be interested in the Crimson Tide job if offered. Hey, he’s one of Bear’s Boyz. And Bama has done stranger things. Truth is, good ol’ boy AD Mal Moore needs to go first. Then let the new guy choose.

Pity the Hawk, or one
tradition of many ain’t bad.

In case you Freedom Hall fans were wondering, here’s the deal on that St. Joe’s mascot continually moving its arms during the game. It’s tradition. The Hawk starts flapping its wings at the opening tip and doesn’t stop until the final buzzer. Didn’t see much of the fabled “Flying Figure 8’s” during timeouts. Then again, the team was behind from the get-go. Because the pep band didn’t join the team here, we were denied the pleasure of the school’s two fight songs, “Mine Eyes” (“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Hawk”) and, “Oh When the Hawks Go Flyin’ In.” Feel free to guess the tunes. But, hey, no tradition in college sports compares to the famous — and incessant — U of L Flying T-shirt tosses.

Several weeks ago I waxed ecstatic about the Louisville men’s excellent chances to win the national hoops title next season. After seeing what the other schools have, I’m a little less pumped. Among other teams, Ohio State’s and Carolina’s frosh seem a level above the Cards. And most everybody else.

’Splain this to me, Lucy.
Will Scott scores 12 in the first half against St. Joe’s. Then doesn’t see any action after the break until there’s 8:39 left to play?????
down the road …
The Wildcat faithful have calmed down a bit in the wake of the Cats’ gritty win over IU. I’ll say it again, the Big Blue will be a team you don’t want to play in the NC2A.

QB report.
Hopefully, Louisville fans needn’t panic. I’m told Brian Brohm will not go pro. Let’s pray my sources are right. And hometown loyalty prevails.

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