Ode to Matt Mason

Matt Mason

Matt Mason

Matthew Mason, a member of the local band Bad Blood, passed away last week.
The following poem was written by friend and fellow musician, Darren Rappa. —Editor

A boy and his cat,
as innocent as that.
A simple explanation to relieve the situation,
yes, we would be grateful for that.

But nothing makes sense
when things become so intense,
that reality slips away —
and one fleeting moment decides our fate.

But I will always remember

A smart-ass grin, underneath a red cap,
a hearty laugh at your misfortune,
conceded by a consoling pat on your back.
An endless tirade, into a cynical rant,
Interrupted by, “Hey y’all, look at that cute little kitty cat!”
A boy and his cat,
as simple as that.
We loved knowing you Matthew Mason,
and we are grateful for that.

—Darren Rappa