The Bar Belle: Holiday Buzz

The next six weeks may be a good time to work on that reckless bender you’ve been planning ever since you saw “Leaving Las Vegas.” The holidays, the family, the long lines at your favorite stores, bars and restaurants … it can all be easier with the hum of a constant buzz. In fact, swigging and shopping can lead to some fairly interesting gifts come Christmas morning. How do you think the Chia Pet has stayed around so long?

It’s not all miserable mistletoe and sappy Santas this time of year, though. Many people declare December the perfect month to throw parties — and where there’s a party, there’s usually free spirits. Take office holiday parties, for example. It’s the one time of year you can tell your boss how you truly feel and possibly even score with a co-worker. And it all can be written off as peace on earth, good will to men … fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la.

Family parties, on the other hand, are not always as fun. Fake smiling, fake stories of fake boyfriends, a fake excuse as to why some body parts may appear larger than last year … fake, fake, fake. But that’s what the people want, and you have to give it to them to stay in their good graces (read: wills). I recommend red wine at all family gatherings — no one questions a little (read: a few bottles of) wine with dinner. It’s not as redneck as a can of Pabst and not as alcoholic as hard liquor.

Bourbons is Whisky Icon
On Thursday, Nov. 9, the London-based publication Whisky Magazine declared our very own Bourbons Bistro an “American Icon of Whisky.” The restaurant now enters the race to compete with other whisky-friendly establishments from England, Scotland and Japan for the “World Icon of Whisky” crown. Bourbons Bistro serves more than 130 select bourbons and whiskies, along with a full bar and an extensive menu created by executive chef Michael Crouch. If you’ve never been, now is the time to stop by and offer your congratulations and support. Oh, and they have half-price wine night on Wednesdays, as if you needed more convincing.

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