The Bar Belle: Brownie’s boasts Bengals

After I ran the list of bars that host NFL fan clubs a few weeks ago, I received a couple e-mails saying there’s another Cincinnati Bengals bar in town — Brownie’s the Shed Grille & Bar (237 Whittington Pkwy., 326-9830). Last Friday night the plan was to check out the Guns ’N Roses cover band at ZaZoo’s, but when they posted a $10 cover charge, a friend and I immediately ran back to our car, clutching our already light wallets. I don’t mind paying covers at live music venues like Headliners or Gerstle’s, but a neighborhood pub? I just wasn’t ready to hand that much over, especially for a cover band.

So we turned to Plan B — check out this so-called Bengals bar in the East End. Normally I don’t trust bars situated in strip malls, but once we stepped foot inside Brownie’s, it was as comfortable and inviting as Dundee Tavern. Sixteen beers on tap, drink specials every day of the week, a full pub grub menu with hints of German persuasion and a few bartenders whose pours rivaled those at the Back Door — it was a fun time had by all. And yes, they are a Bengals bar. But don’t let that keep you away (wink).

Dirty sex at 36
A group of us were sitting at Willy’s Saturday night discussing the sex scene in last week’s “Lost.” I said I couldn’t quite enjoy it because 1) I thought they were going to get caught, and 2) they both hadn’t showered in months. One guy said dirty sex isn’t that bad if both parties are on the same playing field — two dirties cancel each other out. It made sense, so we cheered to it. Another girl in our group who wasn’t privy to the conversation said, “Why are we cheering 36? Is that the age when we’ll have everything together?”
Well, it was actually funnier when we were drunk. Now maybe not so much.

Go Buckeyes! Gametime is 3:30 p.m., which means drinktime is noon. Where’s the best place to watch the Ohio State-Michigan game? Let me know at [email protected]