The Bar Belle

Mimosas, Margs and Marys, oh my!
And on the seventh day, the lord rested … legs propped up on Rocky Mountains, snifter of Cognac in hand. Sunday is a great day to make your way to your local bar and drown whatever is left of those weekend hangovers. Right now professional football dominates the atmosphere at most sports bars. But this past Sunday, I found two heavenly havens offering incredible drink specials with a side of mellow ambiance. No yelling, no lines, no waiting for tables or drinks … it was as peaceful and cheap as a walk in the park.

95-cent mimosas

My first pitstop Sunday was at K.T.’s Restaurant and Bar (2300 Lexington Road, 458-8888), where rumor had it they served mimosas (a healthy, bubbly mixture of orange juice and champagne) for a mere 95 cents on Sundays. I discovered that not only was it true, but for $2.85 you can work up a pretty nice buzz, if you can resist the outstanding brunch options like steak & eggs or the Mexican omelet. The mimosas are served over ice in a wine glass, with a straw that makes it easier to suck down quickly.

99-cent Margs/$2 Marys
High on bubbly bliss, my friend and I floated across the river to Jimmy’s in Jeffersonville (100 W. Riverside Drive, 282-2500), where we stumbled upon this city’s best-kept secret. The friendly and humble bartender, Bartley, served up our first $2 Bloody Mary — carefully mixing ingredients and adding vegetable garnishes like it was a work of art. It literally took about five minutes to concoct, and when it was placed before us, we had to sit back and stare in awe. It had to be the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever consumed, even better than the Outlook Inn’s infamous version. My friend followed it with a 99-cent Margarita, which Bartley profusely topped with Grand Marnier. I stuck with the safe $1 domestic bottle special with a Bud Select.
(The rumor is Jimmy’s is now under new management and will close its doors in a few weeks to remodel. It’s unsure whether Bartley or the drink specials will continue — so make it your business to get over there this weekend to get it while you can.)

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