Rumor & Innuendo

Rumor: The name game.
Let’s do Shirley. Name the two teams that competed in this recent “instant classic” that was all offense all the time. Forty-one total first downs. Nine hundred yards between the squads, 317 on the ground, 583 in the air. Eighty-one points. Don’t either one of those powers know how to play D? Need another clue as to whom I’m speaking? Both teams are in the Top 10, but only one other school in their league has cracked the Top 25. No-brainer? Right! It’s Michigan and The Ohio State University. Numeros uno and deux. So, uh, riddle me this: How come the national pundits aren’t talking the same trash about the Buckeyes and Wolverines as they did after U of L-West Virginia lit up the scoreboard? Name game: Let’s do Chuck.

If he quacks like a duck …
A contract extension for Richie Brooks in Lexington? As the formerly lovable but now loathsome Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, my friend.” Over the weekend, two different wags mentioned that Brooks might abandon the Wildcats and return to the Great Northwest to become AD at Oregon. Must be the unis. After Saturday’s performance against Louisiana Monroe, the Big Blue Bunch will buy the plane ticket.

Kazakhstan Über Alles.
Watch out Wladimir “Dr. K” Klitschko. You might own the International Boxing Foundation belt now, but your fellow countryman Borat has thrown down the gauntlet: “I will fight anybody with a title.”

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
It’s been a tough season for Our Favorite Coach. Before last weekend’s game The Wise One waxed philosophical: “If you haven’t had the experiences I have had, something like this would drive you to drink or make you lose your faith.” But he remained positive: “We have a chance to win a game again and can if we can keep from doing stupid things that lose football games.” Let it be said, let it be done: FAU 17, North Texas 16.

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