The Stink Eye: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Well, it’s been a good run, at least for us. The Stink Eye has enjoyed the time in the sun, getting fat off the blood of the partisan hacks, giving unfettered, independent points of view; in general, we’ve said the things no one around here with this kind of microphone has the guts or game to say.

That brings us to the one logical conclusion about the race on which we’ve focused most attention: Anne Northup, 10-year incumbent in the U.S. House, is a swine-coddling partisan who refuses to examine the depths of her own attack-binging. She won’t talk about her own record — an uncontrollable, unwinnable war, the finer points of which she clearly doesn’t grasp; an economy working for rich people and business owners only. Hell, we’d avoid it, too.

Her Congressional career needs to be put down like the scurvy, drooling rat it is. The citizens of Louisville are better than a person whose desire to stay in power leads to campaigns like she’s run against John Yarmuth, consistently taking his speeches and writings out of context as to give them entirely new, unintended meaning.

She’s now trying to distance South Louisville even further from the political process by appropriating a clip of a Yarmuth speech from 10 years ago, to a white power group, on why their ideas are wrong. Yarmuth calls it one of his proudest moments, telling a group whose adherence to ideology is dangerously similar to the political party Northup currently endorses, that they are wrongheaded. Northup is just cynical enough to use it to make voters think Yarmuth is out of touch with the community he strives to represent in Congress.

Ms. Northup, it is you who is out of touch. Your career is already tainted by the blood of thousands of American soldiers; you will be remembered as well for the division you’ve engendered in this community during a time when unity is so utterly essential. Good day, ma’am.  

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