The Bar Belle: Hollow weenie

“Halloween is the one time a year that a girl can dress as slutty as she wants and no other girl is allowed to say anything about it.” —from “Mean Girls”

Get your costumes ready, ladies and gentlemen — it’s time to act silly and be someone you aren’t for a few nights. Many bars around town are hosting costume contests on the Saturday before Halloween (Oct. 28), so why not pair up some khaki shorts with a khaki button-up shirt and be Steve Irwin? I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of the crazy croc hunter running around dodging stingrays and ghastly ghouls (it’s rated the most popular costume this year). Here’s a few of the biggest parties in town: Phoenix Hill, Fourth Street Live, the Baxter Avenue bars, BBC in St. Matthews, Joe’s Older Than Dirt, and the list goes on and on. A few to mention on other nights: The Pour Haus (formerly Club 21 in Germantown) is hosting a “lamest costume” contest on Friday, while DJs Kim Sorise, Sam Sneed and Mr. Hits spin their monthly “Night Moves” show. Also, the Back Door is having its annual contest on Halloween night, as is the Highlands Tap Room, with music by the always lovable F*#k Munkeys.
I hope to see you or your alter ego out and about.

Survey says …
So … I was thinking the other night after a few drinks, why should I stop smoking now, when the ban goes into effect next July? Shouldn’t I show my support to all the smokers and bar owners by continuing my habit until I’m legally “encouraged” to stop? Wouldn’t it be easier to quit smoking when the smoke is no longer in my face? So far it’s been three weeks since I’ve had a puff. The longing for a smoke when I’m drinking hasn’t eased a bit, and it sucks.
So, I was thinking, maybe I should leave this up to the readers. Send me a Yes or No, and I’ll follow the advice of the majority. No family members, friends, LEO employees, health providers or Council members may vote.

Seriously. E-mail me a yes or no — Should I continue to smoke until July? It’s [email protected]