Rumor & Innuendo

Breathe easy, Cards fans.
A few weeks ago I mentioned being advised that one Cardinal hoops frosh had already talked with his family about transferring. (And, hey, back off with your message board vilification, will ya? Ya can hurt a sensitive smartass’s feelings.) Anyway, I chatted the kid up myself at media day, asked him point blank how things were going. “I’m lovin’ it,” was his straight answer. A couple more reportorial queries convinced this interrogator that all is well now, even if the previous report was correct. First-semester freshman get homesick. Especially in a boot camp environment.

New favorite Card.
Will Scott. I asked him how a 4ppg scorer as a freshman at Cornell transfers to such a high-profile program. Turns out his parents, both NYC physicians, are friends with the Pitinos. And, he said, “I simply didn’t fit in in Ithaca. Besides, it was too cold.” Pitino offered him a spot. (The kid apparently can really stroke the trey.) “I didn’t want to look back 10 years from now and say I didn’t take a chance.” And he loves Louisville. “The people everywhere are so friendly.”

Coop scoop.
My sources in Gamecock Country — yeah, I’m bad, I’m nationwide — tell me Ron Cooper is indeed in Steve Spurrier’s doghouse. The ball coach called out the former U of L mentor for blown secondary coverage in a game Saturday a week ago. I’m advised there’s more to the story than that. It is said Spurrier loves Cooper’s enthusiasm and recruiting abilities, but is getting fed up with his lack of coaching skills.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.

Not all of our favorite linguist’s former constituents think as fondly of him as his homies. An unnamed sportswriter in Enid, Okla., called Schnell “a legend only in his own mind.” The guy opined: “One thing about Schnellenberger’s TV games. They are great to watch if you have insomnia. He’s still the same offensive genius that guided the Sooners to 10 consecutive scoreless quarters in his last three games as the OU coach.” Ouch!  I still love ya, Howie. You’re a guy who can justify four batterings in a row as “a crash course in advanced football.” Then to another scribe say, “Blowouts are the worst thing that can happen.”