Rumor & Innuendo

Hear me now, believe me later.
I have seen the future of college basketball. It is the Louisville Cardinals. Let me go on record here. If every member of the current team who doesn’t graduate after this campaign stays for next season (2007-08), and if they have normal progression based on their respective talent levels, and if they realize it is a team game and there are no ego problems, Louisville will win the 2008 NCAA championship. Period.
Add another to the mix.
I’m advised Papa Dia will soon commit to the Cards.

Dead man walking.
I’m told John L. Smith is toast at Michigan State.

Whistling past the graveyard.

My sources advise that Isaiah Thomas will not be employed by the New York Knicks after Christmas. In any capacity.

Light the cigar.

A moment of silence for Red Auerbach, please. Sure he was blessed with Bill Russell and lots of other talent. But the most talent doesn’t always win. The Celtics did. Besides, he made the most astute front office move in the history of professional sports when he drafted Larry Bird after his junior year. Brilliant.

Fearless prognostication.
Louisville has a better chance of beating West Virginia than winning at both Rutgers and Pitt. The Cards will win Thursday, and next Thursday. There is peril in Iron City.

Attention, rowing team groupies:
Hang out at Nancy’s Bagels in the mornings. It seems to be the favorite carb-loading spot for these elegant female athletes.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
After being skunked in a league game last week at home, FAU shut out conference leader Arkansas State Saturday. Coach was ebulliently metaphorical: “They’ve let the cat out of the bag and let everyone know they can play winning football against the best in the conference.” Of six turnovers in his squad’s favor, Schnell astutely observed: “Some of them were gifts, but many of them were a result of a great play by somebody.”

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