Rumor & Innuendo

Saints are marching in.
Like me, you probably got a little tired of all the hype about New Orleans during the football game Monday a week ago. Well, I’m advised by close friends in the Crescent City that the game indeed meant all that and more to the beleaguered town. According to one, “We woke up the next morning and said, ‘This town is going to make it.’” Ah, the power of sports.

Street Fightin’ Men.
The morning after Friday’s rain-drenched concert at Churchill Downs, three of the Rolling Stones — Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood — and entourage showed up for a private visit at the Muhammad Ali Center. Wood, an artist as well as guitarist, offered an image he created of the champ for use on a fund-raising poster. OK, it’s not sports. And, it’s fact not rumor. Just trying to expand your horizons beyond the realm of hoops and recruiting gossip.

Speaking of prep hoops recruiting …
A change is gonna come. adidas announced it’s out of the summer camp biz. Nike indicated similar thoughts. Which leaves the true power broker Sonny Vaccaro (Where is he now, Reebok?) either holding all the cards or out in the cold. A bunch of involved organizations are hell-bent on taking the power away from the AAU and shoe companies and giving it back to high schools and, of course, Coach K. Stay tuned.

Brohm report.
U of L fans traveling to Nashvegas for Friday’s game expecting to see Brian Brohm take a few snaps … fuhgettaboutit. He’s not ready, I’m told, and the team won’t need him. But these Cards are exciting enough to make the trip worthwhile anyway.

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
The Schnell had a plan. His team was outscored 20-192 in its first four games, but the batterings readied FAU for the conference. So it came to pass. They won at Louisiana-Monroe Saturday. “This will do wonders in bringing our football team together and giving them the strength to carry on.” The ever-humble SchnellMaster punctuated his thoughts: “I am going to claim validity in my presumption playing those games was meaningful for us.”

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