The Bar Belle: Big Game = another reason to drink

Bar Belle

Bar Belle

Let’s raise a toast to college football season. Just another excuse to head to the bar, be loud and consume mass quantities of beer, usually on discount. I’ll be a fan of any team for a great drink special. Just be sure to remind me who I’m rooting for a few drinks into the game.

Here’s a list of some game-day specials for the UK/U of L game on Sunday, Sept. 3, at 8 p.m. Keep in mind that Monday is a holiday.
Kelsey’s Bar & Grill (730 Rolling Creek Drive, New Albany, 812-949-1001): $8.99 domestic buckets, half-price appetizers.
Monkey Wrench (1025 Barret Ave., 582-2433): $2 Coors Light pints, 39-cent wings.

Brickyard Sports Bar (4300 Fegenbush Lane, 454-5453): $7.50 domestic buckets, 75-cent longnecks when UK is ahead (the owner is either a diehard UK fan or a very shrewd businessman).

Benchwarmer’s Pizza & Subs (7325 St. Andrews Church Road, 368-1148): $9 domestic buckets, $5 domestic pitchers, drink specials w/ every score, 20 wings for $9, $10 one-topping large pizza.

Spectators’ Sports Bar & Grille (5530 New Cut Rd., 368-7650): $1.50 domestic bottles, $7.50 domestic buckets, 50-cent hot dogs, $1 bowls of chili.
Champions Sports Bar (at Marriott Downtown, 280 W. Jefferson St., 671-4246): $1.50 Miller draft, specialty drinks The Champ/The Pigskin half price, $2 hot dogs, $3 hamburgers, $4 chili-cheese fries.

As for myself, I’ll be bartending at
R Place Pub (9603 Whipps Mill Lane, 425-8516): $1.50 domestic bottles, 50-cent draft, $4.25 domestic pitchers, 30-cent wings. When my shift ends, promptly at 7 p.m., I’ll relocate to the other side of the bar and root for … who’s playing again?

Old bourbon is good bourbon
I had the opportunity last Thursday to try some Old Forester bourbon from the 1950s. Chris Morris, master distiller of America’s first bottled bourbon, hosted a ceremony at the Filson Historical Society to present fans and friends with a sample of the aged goodness as well as this year’s batch of Birthday Bourbon. I came to the conclusion that old bourbon is still good bourbon, but free bourbon is even better.

Next week I’ll give you more details on my annual pub crawl in the Highlands. Don’t make any plans for Sept. 9. E-mail me at [email protected]