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MVP in the Sun.
I ran into former Cardinal pigskin great Ken Porco as we were both buying new HDTVs before the upcoming season. We were talking U of L. A young clerk heard us and pulled up his shirtsleeve, showing off the Cardinal tattooed on his bicep. When advised that the relatively diminutive Porco starred in Louisville’s first bowl game, a 34-20 win in the ’58 Sun Bowl, the kid said, “No way!” Way!, dude. Porco ran for 119 yard on 20 carries, after future NFL great Lenny Lyles went down with a first quarter injury.

Motown melancholy.
Detroit native Brandon Jenkins, a mature defensive ace, was in place to provide vital senior leadership to this year’s wet-behind-the-ears U of L hoops contingent. Some Card fans are saying it’s no big deal. The proper designation for those know-nothings is “Idiot.”

A done deal.
Allow me to reiterate. “Competition” to be UK’s starting QB in the opener is a smokescreen. According to insiders, Rich Brooks has already chosen Curtis Pulley. Brooks is gone after this season unless magic happens, and he thinks André Woodson has little legerdemain but Pulley could possibly prestidigitate. (Have I been reading too much Schnell or what?) Speaking of which …

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
The season is days away and many coaches play the numbers game. Ah, but there’s no computerized calculation for Schnell The Arithmetician. He’s old school, a slide rule guy. Speaking of a couple sophomores, SchnellMaestro formulized: “They should be 100 percent better, although I don’t know how to put a percentage on it when you start at zero.”
His Overly Optimistic Pipeness on FAU’s brutal schedule this season: “The idea, of course, is to gain the experience, gain the notoriety, gain whatever comes out of it should we win one of these games. And we will, somewhere along the line.”
The Not So Nostalgic But Terse Schnellenator had this to say when advised this year is the 20th anniversary of his departure from Miami to coach the USFL’s Washington Federals/South Florida ??????s/ Orlando Renegades, R.I.P.: “A terrible mistake.”

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