Rumor & Innuendo

The Brohm factor.
Yet another source advised this week that there is more concern in the locker room about the sturdiness of the Cardinal QB’s knee than is being admitted publicly.

Read your mail.
Congrats to those new members of the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame and the U of L Athletic Hall of Fame. Speaking of the latter, I ran into one of the inductees the night the school issued the announcement. The inductee: “Oh, they made the announcement already?” Then he proceeded to tell me how he found out by telephone. Seems he’d tossed the letter advising him of the honor. “I saw it was from the U of L athletic department and thought they wanted more money. So I threw it away without reading it. Then I got a call about it.”

The headline says it all.
A link to a story of local interest on’s home page reads, “Tubby Smith: Still Alive.”

Starting QB.

Several who claim to be in the know assure me that Rich Brooks will start the season with Curtis Pulley under center (or in the shotgun). They say Brooks is convinced he has more upside than Andre Woodson.

That severely obese Troy Jackson once wore a U of L uniform was the surest sign of the decline of Cardinal hoops in the waning years of Crum Era. His latest vehicle, And 1, is the paradigm of all that is going wrong with hoops. My question is this — send your input to the e-mail address below — how is this showboating any different than the Globetrotters?

SchnellSpeak of the Week.
Our favorite wordmeister broke free from his summer hiatus at the Florida Sports Writers Association Football Media Day. He appeared in robes as the reverential Schnell. Addressing the issue of a new stadium for his FAU Fighting Owls: “I’ve been John the Baptist on this, singing the praises of an on-campus facility. Without a stadium on our campus, there’s no reason to play football. We won’t get where we want to be as fast as we can.” School trustees have tabled consideration of a facility. “We made an error in the presentation,” understated the coach.

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