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More moves to come.
A couple of sources advise that U of L hoops roster flux isn’t over. That there will be at least one other transfer before this year’s edition settles in for its preseason sojourn to Canada.

Brohm’s back is covered.
I’m told Cardinal Renardo Foster has turned into an OL beast, flattening DLs like Lynn’s pancakes.

Who is missing from this photo?

The photo includes the record five UConn Huskies chosen in the NBA draft. The underachieving collegians are Josh Boone, Hilton Armstrong, Rudy Gay, Marcus Williams and Denham Brown. Here’s who is missing — Rashad Anderson. Funny, the guy looks like the next Robert Horry to me. He’s the only one of Jim Calhoun’s charges who played last season like he wanted it. He hit all the big shots. The others just went through the motions. Sometimes I don’t understand the NBA.

No love for Lance?

Yes, Lance Armstrong is arguably the greatest cyclist of all time. The question is whether he’s the most-loathed jock since Ty Cobb? His wife divorced him. Sheryl Crow dumped him. A bunch of his old teammates have implicated him in doping allegations. Very few old pals have stood up for him. The hits keep comin’. What’s the deal? Is it jealousy? Or is the cancer-surviving, seven-time Tour de France champ the biggest putz in the history of sport?

How about …  
my Detroit Tigers? I couldn’t find my Tigers’ ballcap, so I went to order one at Most Detroit paraphernalia is back-ordered a month. I got a retro ’35 cap. White with a blue bill. Olde English D. Sweet. Sweet as the team with the best record in baseball. Interesting stat that signifies somethingoranother: Detroit’s record after 80 games is the same as the 1984 Tigers, who dominated baseball. This year, though,  they’re nip and tuck with the ChiSox for the division. That season they’d just about clinched the pennant already.

How about …  
our Louisville Bats? During the spring, they couldn’t hit or pitch and fell umpteen games under .500. In June they were hotter than Al Gore’s global warming warning. Check ’em out at the ballyard. Look for the guy in the Tigers’ hat.

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