Summer Game Faces

NAME: David, Melissa and Madison Allen
AGE: 47, 29, and 2
SPORT: Cycling (All are members of the Southern Indiana Wheelmen*)
OCCUPATION: David, owner of a cabinet business; Melissa, senior actuarial analyst/underwriter.
MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLE (to do what you do and why): The heart muscle. It helps with the hills.
SHINING MOMENT: David and I completed the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) in 2005 together. (RAIN is an annual 160-mile ride on the Historic National Route 40 sponsored by the Bloomington Bicycle Club. For more information, visit
WORST INJURY: No serious injuries as of yet.
PERSONAL SPORT THEME SONG: “Soak up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow.
FAVORITE SUMMER EVENT: The Old Kentucky Home Bicycle Tour, a two-day ride from Louisville to Bardstown and back. (This year’s tour is on Sept. 9-10. For details, go to
FAVORITE AREA SUMMER SPOT: Riding in the Sellersburg, Ind., area, with its nice country roads.

NAME: Nathan Broom
AGE: 27
SPORT: Ultimate (member of Louisville Ultimate Frisbee Association*)
OCCUPATION: Program Director for Supplies Over Seas, a nonprofit Louisville collector and distributor of medical relief items.
MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLE (to do what you do and why): Left calf, apparently: it’s always sore.
SHINING MOMENT: Blocking a good throw — it’s awkward to admit, but stealing someone else’s great play is consistently better than creating my own.
WORST INJURY: 4-foot continuous abrasion — while missing the catch.
PERSONAL SPORT THEME SONG: “Tougher Than the Rest” by Bruce Springsteen
FAVORITE SUMMER EVENT: Swill in the Ville, this town’s own regional Ultimate tournament. (We’ll defend our championship on July 22-23.)
FAVORITE AREA SUMMER SPOT: The hills west of New Albany on a bicycle.

NAME: Jennifer LaPointe
AGE: 39
SPORT: Rowing (member of the Louisville Rowing Club*)
OCCUPATION: Photographer
MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLE (to do what you do and why): Quadriceps for a strong drive.
SHINING MOMENT: Qualifying for the finals with my rowing partner, Nancy Grantz, in Women’s Double Sculls at U.S. Masters Nationals.
WORST INJURY: Minor bruises from slipping on a wet dock!
PERSONAL SPORT THEME SONG: “Take Me to the River” by Al Green
FAVORITE SUMMER EVENT: Friday Night Fun Rows at the downtown boathouse, when rowers of all skill levels get together to row and have fun.
FAVORITE AREA SUMMER SPOT: Rowing on the Ohio River early in the morning, when the air is still cool and the water is calm.

NAME: Rebecca A. Miller
AGE: 43
SPORT: In-line skating (founder and member of Louisville Masterbladers In-Line Skating*)
OCCUPATION: Marketing consultant/business owner
MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLE (to do what you do and why): Quadriceps — in-line skating requires using the largest leg muscle group for climbing hills and pushing off.
SHINING MOMENT: Taking a sliver medal in my age group (the old farts) in the international race, Athens (Ga.) to Atlanta, in 2004. (I’m going for gold in ’06.)
WORST INJURY: ACL tear while attempting to be “cool” on black moguls in Beaver Creek, Colo.
PERSONAL SPORT THEME SONG: “Kentucky Woman” by Neil Diamond
FAVORITE AREA SUMMER SPOT: The Millennium Trail in Bernheim Forest

NAME: Gene McDaniel
AGE: 30
SPORT: Mountain Biking (member of the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association*)
OCCUPATION: Facility manager with Lightyear Network Solutions LLC
MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLE (to do what you do and why): zygomaticus (the smile muscle)
SHINING MOMENT: 2006 Bakers Dozen (13-hour endurance race): 1st place
WORST INJURY: Breaking an ankle as a teenager (crutches, yuck!)
PERSONAL SPORT THEME SONG: Anything with a fast beat.
FAVORITE SUMMER EVENT: Riding bikes with friends at epic locations all around the region.
FAVORITE AREA SUMMER SPOT: Sitting on my bike and going wherever it takes me, usually cruising around a park in Louisville with friends and soaking up the beautiful sunshine.