Rumor & Innuendo: Rumblings From the World of Sports

Let’s start with hoops recruiting. Because, well, because that’s the staff of life around here during post-Derby depression. (Most other times, too.)

The Rick gets lanced.
The buzz was that The Rick gave a speech in Orlando, in which he bragged (by insinuation, of course) that he would steal a big time recruit from the evil Blue Devil Empire. Card fans assumed he was referring to Lance Thomas, a Jersey bud of future Cards, Derek Caracter and Earl Clark. Thomas committed to Duke, as the gurus thought all along.

Nolan under the Knife.
Former future Cardinal superduperprep legacy, Nolan Smith, who, by the by, also fell under Coach K’s spell, might see some scalpel time. He hurt his knee several weeks back. Seriously enough that an MRI was called for. Stay tuned for the diagnosis.

End of civilization???
The daughter of a good pal is married to a football fanatic up Buckeye way. Hubby was distraught that only 60,000 showed for the Ohio State spring game. He drowned his sorrows by dragging his willing significant other to an all day-NFL Draft party. Lots o’ brew and Boomer Berman on the telly — what a way to spend a spring Saturday.

HockeyTown to HockeyFrown.
My Detroit Red Wings, favored to capture the Stanley Cup (that’s hockey), spit out the bit, losing a first-round series. They gave up four third-period goals and fell to Edmonton. It ain’t the first time they’ve underachieved.

Brett watch.
Cheeseheads beware. A source advises that glamourboy QB, Brett Favre, will not finish next season with the Packers. I’m advised his body aches and his heart isn’t in it, but he’s too competitive to quit just yet. A few more sacks will be the convincer. Or so I’m told.

Gender equity?
The second largest jock squad at U of L is probably the women’s rowing team, spotted recently en masse at the Atlanta airport. So how come the 40- or 50-gal contingent flies commercial to away regattas, when some smaller men’s squads fly charter?

Lelo vs. Doc.
Louisville’s heralded baseball coach, Lelo Prado, won his 309th game, tying him for the school record with Doc Heldman. Prado has 300 losses. Old School Doc only had 149.

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